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How to Use Bamboo Sushi Mats to Make Sushi Rolls?

How to Use Bamboo Sushi Mats to Make Sushi Rolls?

Issue Time:2021/11/26
the skills of using bamboo sushi mats to roll sushi rolls

Sushi comes in various shapes and sizes, but the most popular form is sushi rolls. You can make sushi rolls with any ingredients you want. And if you want to make delicious sushi rolls, you can't do without the assistance of bamboo sushi mats. Continue reading this article to master the skills of using bamboo sushi mats to roll sushi rolls.

1. Put a layer of dried seaweed on the bamboo sushi mat for making sushi. One side of the dried seaweed is rough and the other side is smooth. Place the rough side up.

2. Spread a mass of rice on the dried seaweed. The rice should be spread evenly and flatly, covering the dried seaweed, and the edge should be slightly inside the dried seaweed edge.

(1) Put the rice ball in the middle of the dried seaweed at first, and then spread it all around. The rice should evenly cover the dried seaweed on the side close to you, and leave a space of about one centimeter on the side farther from you.

(2) Spread with your fingers, and use a mixture of rice vinegar and water to keep your fingers moist.

(3) Don't press the rice hard, otherwise, the rice will be difficult to control when it is rolled.

3. Start placing filling ingredients. Place the materials one by one. Each material has its own column. There must be a certain distance between the columns. Some common sushi roll ingredient combinations are:

(1) Basic tuna or salmon rolls: These sushi rolls are very classic. They only have tuna and salmon and no other ingredients.

(2) Tuna roll: yellowfin tuna, cucumber, radish, avocado

(3) Tempura roll: fried shrimp, avocado, cucumber

(4) Phoenix rolls: salmon, tuna, crab sticks, avocado, fried shrimp

If you want to roll sashimi, you must pay attention to using professionally cut fish to avoid food poisoning and intestinal parasites.

4. Hold the edge of the bamboo sushi mat with your thumb. Start the roll from the end of the ingredient that was spread first. Lift the dried seaweed and let the dried seaweed wrap the first ingredient. When rolling, make sure that all the ingredients stay in place to keep the rice grains together.

5. Continue to roll the sushi, insert the front edge of the dried seaweed into the sushi roll, and remove the bamboo sushi mat when you continue to roll the sushi. Roll slowly, making sure that the entire sushi roll has the same shape and size.

6. Tighten the sushi rolls. Be sure to tighten the sushi rolls before cutting the sushi so that the ingredients will not fall out when cutting. Remember to use the bamboo sushi mat to clamp it frequently, but not too tightly. Roll the sushi back and forth with the bamboo sushi mat, making sure the sushi roll is tight and sealed.

7. Let the rolled sushi stand for a while before cutting it. Taking advantage of this time, you can start preparing for the next volume. During the rest time, the rice will soften the dried seaweed so that it can be cut neatly.

8. Use a sharp, moist knife to cut the sushi rolls. The thickness of each piece of sushi depends on the amount of filling.

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