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How Should We Maintain Natural and Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Tableware?

How Should We Maintain Natural and Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Tableware?

Issue Time:2022/02/26
the precautions for choosing and using bamboo bowls

Products made of natural materials, such as bamboo tableware, will of course become moldy as the temperature and humidity increase. The mildew of bamboo tableware is a reminder that the mold in our environment has increased, and more attention should be paid to daily hygiene and cleaning.

The bamboo tableware used in daily life has been greatly improved in its anti-mildew ability after high temperature and high-pressure carbonization. We only need to pay attention to the following small tips to make full use of environmentally friendly and durable bamboo tableware.

(1)  The bamboo itself will "breathe". As long as it is in a ventilated and dry place, the bamboo can drain the excess water by itself and dry naturally. After using the bamboo tableware, just clean it with clean water and dry it naturally in a ventilated environment.

(2)  The oil has the ability to protect the bamboo. It can form a protective layer on the outer layer of the bamboo to reduce the growth of bacteria and is not easy to mold. Therefore, the use of detergents to remove grease is not conducive to maintenance. Bamboo tableware that has not been used for a long time can be boiled in white vinegar or coated with cooking oil.

(3) Generally, bamboo products can be cleaned with clean water, but the bamboo cutting board may have processed meat and other greasy or raw food materials. At this time, it can be cleaned with hot water. Generally, it can be dried naturally or using the residual temperature of the cooking stove.

(4) Bamboo cutting boards are easier to breed bacteria, so they should be disinfected with salt and vinegar water on a regular basis. Dip a clean cloth into salt and vinegar water (reference ratio is 1 part salt, 2 parts vinegar, 6 parts water), wring it out and wrap it around the cutting board, and then evenly pour the salt and vinegar water on the cloth and let it stand for one hour, wash with clean water.

Vinegar is a natural bactericide. Replacing chemical detergents with vinegar not only contributes to environmental protection but also reduces the impact of chemical agents on health.

(5) The main problem of bamboo tableware cracking is that it has been exposed to the sun, and it has not been cleaned and dried in time after use. After cracking, we can use latex to glue, and another method is to dry it first, then brush it with paulownia paint once or twice, and then dry it.

(6) When the bamboo tableware becomes moldy, we can soak it in potassium permanganate for one hour, rinse it, and soak it in the oxalic acid solution until the color fades, and then soak it in clean water for one day.

(7) When the bamboo tableware seeps, it can be blocked by using neutral silicon-copper plugging glue (commonly known as glass glue) sold on the market. The method is to open the plastic bottle and apply the glue to the bottom surface of the bamboo tableware, and then wear thin plastic gloves to evenly smooth the glue applied to the bottom surface of the bamboo tableware, especially the gaps must be wiped away. Finally, wipe the excess glue with a dry cloth, and leave it in a cool place for two days before use.

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