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Design Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

Design Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

Issue Time:2020/12/15
Design Bamboo Kitchen Utensils
As a bamboo products manufacturer and maker, Fenghui team will assist you to develop your own line of bamboo products. 

To design bamboo products is full of creative joy, but if you are not a designer, how do you design your own bamboo products?  According to our experiences, insights into lifestyle and living is more important than a design degree.  Yes, insights beat degrees. 

Let’s use the design of bamboo kitchenware as an example.  

1.Bamboo Sieve

Bamboo baskets can also serve as sieves, you can place washed fruits or vegetables on them, and let the water draining through.  And you know what can it best be for?  Rice.  Yes, after rice washing, place rice on your bamboo sieve to drain out water, it is the best companion for that process. The famous Japanese cooking teacher, Tami Hiyama said she only uses bamboo sieves for her rice, not plastic, not metal.  

Here comes an opportunity for optimizing a bamboo basket sieve: usually the baskets are round, and with a dip - this shape makes harder to let out the drained rice into another container, after multiple usages of these kinds of basket you will notice that shortcoming.  However, there is another kind of basket that long existed in China, which can help solve this little inconvenience.  In Chinese, it is called “Bo Ji”. Bo Ji is a basket, except it slip into a flat end on the rim.  That flat end enables rice slips out of the basket very easily. Bo Ji can serve both as the basket and a very convenient rice sieve.  Design a bamboo basket wisely, it can become a beloved utensil.  

Little crack of insights can lead to many optimizations of utensils. Another example is bamboo cutlery. 

2.Bamboo Cutlery

There are two kinds of bamboo cutleries, one made for disposal; and another for long time use.  The long-time kind can be proper tableware, and there are countless ways to be creative about it.  For instance, you could paint the handle of the cutleries into different shades to pair with your ceramics.  Pale blue, lemon yellow, or subdued red… are a few nice colors to start with.  

These two examples are just here to show you the possibilities of design your own bamboo kitchen utensils without a design degree on hand.  Pay attention to existing ones, and see where can you optimize, or solve a pain point – that’s always a good starting point.

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