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What is World Bamboo Day?

What is World Bamboo Day?

Issue Time:2020/11/30
What is World Bamboo Day?
Every year, the world bamboo day is on September 18th.  And the “in” people of bamboo would greet each other with “happy bamboo’s day!”  What is world bamboo day, and what can you do on this day?  

World bamboo day is a day of celebration to increase the awareness of bamboo globally.  It has established 11 years ago in 2009, by Mr. Kamesh Salam, Former president of the World Bamboo Organization. 

What' s there to celebrate?  Bamboo has been a companion of human society for thousands of years, long before we knew concrete, we lived in a bamboo house, used bamboo utensils, and ate bamboo shoots.  This miracle grass is strong, durable, versatile and a promised land of mitigating climate change.  With the development of technology, and the growth of sophisticated, environmentally conscious designers, bamboo is yet to boost more potentials. 

So on World Bamboo day, as a consumer, you can join via for online celebrations; as a bamboo supplier or seller, you can promote bamboo via educations on sustainability, natural design, health benefit, introductions to the world' s most amazing bamboo projects. 

Happy World Bamboo' s Day. 

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