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You Have a Letter from 2022, Please Check It!

You Have a Letter from 2022, Please Check It!

Issue Time:2022/01/01
Bamboomake sends the most sincere blessings to everyone, and I wish you all a happy New Year's Day!

Dear Customers of Bamboomake

With the advent of New Year's Day, 2022 will come quietly. On this special festival, Bamboomake wishes to extend its blessings to you and thank you all for your continued support!

We have always been committed to bringing natural, healthy, and ecological eating habits to our customers, so we position ourselves as advocates of providing natural foodservice tools, dining tools, and food display tools. Through our innovative product design and natural product materials, we provide traditional catering companies with more attractive and environmentally friendly food tableware solutions.

Our products are fully certified by FSC, ISO, and SGS, which can ensure absolute quality assurance during the production process. Our products use high-quality raw materials and exquisite designs, and we have become a leader in the industry. Our products are sold all over the world and are loved by many consumers. Therefore, the repurchase rate of our products is also very high. Of course, this is not only because of our responsible attitude but also because of your trust in us!

In 2022, Bamboomake will take your trust and continue to make our products safe and secure for consumers.

Bamboomake is an advocate and practitioner of natural environmental protection. We have thousands of environmentally friendly bamboo products. We want to contribute our own meager strength to the world's environmental protection. We also hope that everyone can join us, start from our lives, and create a green and healthy life together!

Finally, we once again wish you all a happy New Year's Day!


                                                                                                                                                                   All employees of Bambomake

Our Customers

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Our value: creating innovative eco-friendly products.