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How to Prevent Mildew in Bamboo Steamers?

How to Prevent Mildew in Bamboo Steamers?

Issue Time:2021/12/03
methods to prevent mildew in bamboo steamers

There are two types of steamers used for steaming steamed buns or other foods, one is a stainless steel pot steamer, and the other is a bamboo steamer. When the food is steamed in a stainless steel steamer, the water vapor on the inner wall of the lid cannot be dispersed, and it will flow back, dripping on the surface of the food. Since bamboo steamer can absorb water, the steam generated during the steaming process can be absorbed by the bamboo to keep the food fresh.

If the bamboo steamer is not properly cleaned and maintained, it is likely to produce mold. Once the bamboo steamer becomes moldy, it is easy for bacteria to enter the food surface during use. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following matters when cleaning and maintaining the bamboo steamer.

Cleaning method

1. Take a nail file (or gauze for woodworking), fill the gap of the steamer grid back and forth with the nail file to remove the remaining burrs. Remove residual burrs to avoid burrs hurting hands during use).

2. File the surface of the steamer with a nail file back and forth to remove the remaining burrs.

3. Rinse the clean steamer with running water to prevent the ground burrs from remaining in the gaps of the steamer.

4. Then use the same method to clash the surface of the steamer cover back and forth to grind off the remaining burrs.

5. Rinse the clean steamer cover with running water.

Maintenance steps

1. Pour enough cold water into the pot, pour in a small amount of cooking oil, put the straw mat in the steamer, and the bamboo steamer in the water.

2. Cover the steamer lid and cook the bamboo steamer on medium heat for 20 minutes to boil the yellow water in the bamboo (pay attention to the amount of water in the pot during the cooking process to prevent the water from boiling dry).

3. Take out the boiled bamboo steamer and dry the water, and then evenly brush a layer of cooking oil into the steamer compartment (bamboo needs to be maintained with oil, and brush a layer of cooking oil inside the steamer compartment to allow the bamboo to absorb oil and prevent mildew).

4. Put the bamboo steamer in the sun and let the oil gradually soak into the bamboo.

Use skills

1. Take a towel and a cotton rope, and tie one end of the towel with the cotton rope.

2. Twist the towel into a twist shape by hand, and tie the twist shape towel with a cotton rope.

3. Add the appropriate amount of cold water to the pot, make the water surface equal to the bottom surface of the steamer, and put the tied towel on the water surface in a loop (when steaming food in a bamboo steamer, the water surface is added to the pot should be equal to the bottom surface of the steamer. If the amount of water is too much, during the steaming process, the water will overflow onto the steamer cloth through the pores of the steamer grid and affect the taste of the food).

4. Spread the steamer cloth into the bamboo steamer, put the food on the steamer cloth, and then put the bamboo steamer on the towel (put a towel between the bamboo steamer and the surface of the water. In this way, when the moisture dries, it will not cause Burn out bamboo steamer). Finally, cover the steamer lid.

After each use, the bamboo steamer should be thoroughly cleaned and put in a ventilated place to dry before putting it away, so as to prevent the surface of the steamer from becoming moldy. If the bamboo steamer has become moldy, use gauze to clean the moldy area, and then maintain the bamboo steamer according to the above method.

As long as the above methods are used to clean and maintain the bamboo steamer, cracking and mildew of the bamboo steamer can be avoided to a large extent. Bamboo steamer designed and manufactured by Bamboomake uses high-quality raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship, and we can also improve our thoughtful customized service. If you are interested in our products, you can find out by searching for related products on our website.

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