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What Should We Do if the Bamboo Tableware Becomes Moldy?

What Should We Do if the Bamboo Tableware Becomes Moldy?

Issue Time:2021/11/12
methods and precautions for removing mildew from bamboo tableware

Bamboo tableware is made of natural and high-quality materials, environmentally friendly and healthy, and is a popular choice for many modern families. If the bamboo tableware cracks after long-term use or the storage location are not suitable, it will easily breed mold and affect the health of the bamboo tableware. Bamboomake will share with you the following methods and precautions for removing mildew from bamboo tableware.

Ways to remove mold

1. Scrub with steel wire

If there are mildew spots on the bamboo tableware, you can use a stainless steel wire ball or sandpaper to scrub the moldy areas, and the moldy areas can be worn away.

2. Washing with rice water

Soak the moldy bamboo tableware in the rice-washing water, then add salt or alkali to scrub, or wipe it with ginger or onion several times, then rinse with hot water, then pour some vinegar on the cutting board, and put it in the sun. Dry in the sun and rinse with water.

3. Soap, alcohol, and water

Wipe with a 2% soap and alcohol solution, then wipe with 3%-5% sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide, and finally, wash.

4. Scrub with mung bean sprouts

Put the moldy bamboo tableware box and mung bean sprouts together and repeatedly scrub and then rinse with water. This method can also remove the mold spots on the bamboo tableware.

5. Sandpaper cleaning

Sandpaper has a good cleaning effect. If you see mold on the bamboo tableware, you can wipe off the mold with sandpaper, then clean it with water and expose it to the sun.

6. Ginger wipe

Wipe the bamboo tableware back and forth with fresh ginger, then soak the bamboo tableware in boiling water. When the water becomes warm, pick up the bamboo tableware.


1. The bamboo tableware is moldy, indicating that the place where the bamboo tableware is placed is humid and the temperature is relatively high. There are already mold spores, and they will be infected twice when stored again.

Try to store bamboo tableware in a dry place and keep it well ventilated. Do not use a tube for the container, otherwise, it will accumulate water and cannot breathe. It is best to choose a bamboo tableware storage box that is the same as the box and to clean the bamboo tableware storage box regularly.

2. The bamboo tableware must be cleaned and dried after use. Keep bamboo tableware clean and tidy. When washing bamboo tableware, soak it in hot water and then wash it. After washing it, put it in the sun for a while, which can effectively disinfect and dry.

3. If the bamboo tableware has become moldy, it is recommended to heat the bamboo tableware in a container with water, add vinegar and cook for more than 5 minutes, which can effectively remove the mildew on the bamboo tableware.

4. In many families, bamboo tableware is often used for two to three years. Once the bamboo tableware is used for a long time, the surface is no longer smooth. Frequent use and scrubbing can easily make the bamboo tableware rough, and there will be many small grooves and cracks, which are very easy to cause pathogenic microorganisms to remain and breed. Therefore, it is best to replace bamboo tableware like a toothbrush every three months to six months.

If you want to know the more relevant information and solutions after reading the above, we can provide you with professional advice.

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