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8 Considerations for Choosing and Using Bamboo Bowls

8 Considerations for Choosing and Using Bamboo Bowls

Issue Time:2021/10/28
the precautions for choosing and using bamboo bowls

The bamboo bowl is green and healthy, economical and affordable, and is loved by many families. Whether it is for adults or babies, high-quality bamboo bowls are undoubtedly the best choice. By understanding the following precautions for choosing and using bamboo bowls, we can avoid choosing inferior bamboo bowls, so that we can use them more safely and at ease.

1. When choosing a bamboo bowl, you can feel whether the surface of the bowl is rough or smooth. If the surface of the bowl is rough and uneven, it is a relatively inferior bowl and it is not recommended to buy it.

2. Buckle the bamboo bowl on the table to see if the mouth of the bowl is flat and there is no problem with it being tilted. In addition, if the bamboo bowls of the same type are stacked together if the bowl and the bowl can fit closely, it means that the bamboo bowl is a high-quality bowl.

3. Tap the mouth of the bamboo bowl with chopsticks or a small wooden stick, and listen to whether the sound from the mouth of the bowl is crisp. If the bowl is crisp, it is a high-quality bowl. If the sound is muddy, it is mostly because the bamboo bowl has cracked due to improper production. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy a bowl with a muddy sound.

4. The tableware of the bamboo bowls is not toxic, and it is also very healthy and environmentally friendly. But once the bamboo wood is coated with lead paint, it will be dissolved by the acid, and the peeled paint will directly enter the digestive tract. If used for babies, babies can absorb lead 6 times faster than adults. If the lead content in the body is too high, it will affect the baby's intellectual development.

5. Do not pour boiled water directly when you first use it, so as to prevent the bamboo from cracking due to uneven heating inside and outside. Please do not store water in the bamboo bowl for a long time, because the bamboo may be mildewed. The inner layer of bamboo is a valuable bamboo garment. Please try not to wash it with detergent or the like. After each use, please wash it and dry it.

6. Soak it in light salt water for 3 hours, and then steam it in water for about 30 minutes to prevent mildew, moth-eaten, and cracking of bamboo.

7. When not in use for a long time, it can be dried after drying (subject to the absence of moisture on the surface of the bamboo), sealed and stored in a plastic bag, and can be stored in a moisture-proof bag.

8. The best way to maintain bamboo bowls is to use them frequently, so as to make bamboo wears bright and natural. If the bamboo bowl has cracks, we need to replace it in time, because many stains and bacteria will accumulate and remain in the cracks.

The bamboo bowl designed and manufactured by Bamboo make is made of natural and high-quality raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship. The surface of the bowl is smooth and smooth, which fully meets the hygiene and safety standards. If you are interested in this, you can search for related products on our website to learn more.

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