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How to Choose Bamboo Toothpicks Correctly?

How to Choose Bamboo Toothpicks Correctly?

Issue Time:2021/09/23
the matters needing attention when choosing bamboo toothpicks

Bamboo toothpicks are mainly used to clean the food left between the teeth after meals to protect the teeth. When we buy toothpicks, for the sake of oral health and hygiene, we must choose safe and healthy products. The followings are the matters needing attention when choosing bamboo toothpicks.

1. When choosing bamboo toothpicks, on the one hand, we have to observe whether the bamboo toothpicks are hard enough so as not to be broken easily during use. On the other hand, we need to check whether the surface of the bamboo toothpick is smooth and free of burrs.

2. Bamboo toothpicks are generally packed in a package or a box. When we choose, we need to see whether the whole is uniform and whether it is particularly thick or thin. The cross-section of high-quality bamboo toothpicks is flat or triangular, and the tip is slightly thin.

3. The high-quality bamboo toothpick packaging has better sealing properties, which will help prevent these toothpicks from outside bacteria. If you see products with simple packaging or poor sealing, you must not buy them.

4. It’s also important to check whether there is a manufacturer's name, address, sanitation license, and other related information on the packaging. If not, it may mean that the product is not qualified and has some quality problems. It is best not to buy it.

5. When choosing bamboo toothpicks, be sure to choose products made by regular manufacturers, otherwise, hygiene will not be guaranteed, and there will be greater damage to our bodies.

6. Because of the different specifications of bamboo toothpicks, many people like to buy them in large packages for storage. But once you open your mouth, there will be more and more bacteria as time goes by. It is not good for our health, and mold may appear. So it is best to buy small packages and buy them regularly.

7. Although many people feel that just finding a wire or a matchstick can achieve the effect of flossing, and there is no need to use bamboo toothpicks. However, this kind of substitute breeds a large number of bacteria, which may affect our oral health and even infect certain diseases, so we still need to use professional bamboo toothpicks to operate.

Some unscrupulous merchants will sell some defective products with hygiene problems as high-quality products to users, causing users to have oral problems in subsequent use, so we must pay attention to the above points when purchasing. Bamboo toothpicks designed and manufactured by Bamboomake have been certified for safety and hygiene, using high-quality raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship, allowing users to rest assured.

As a professional manufacturer of bamboo tableware, we have always been committed to providing customers with green and environmentally friendly kitchen solutions. We have an experienced manufacturing team and a complete management system, and strict quality control is carried out in terms of product selection and production. We can also provide corresponding customized services according to the diverse needs of customers. If you are interested in our bamboo toothpicks, please contact us immediately!

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