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Inbar Visits Fenghui Bamboo Products Manufacturer 2020

Inbar Visits Fenghui Bamboo Products Manufacturer 2020

Issue Time:2020/11/26
Inbar Visits Fenghui Bamboo Products Manufacturer 2020
On November 24th, 2020, Inbar’s Director-General, Mr. Ali Mchumo visited Fenghui bamboo manufacturer in Anji County, Zhejiang, China.  

This visit is organized as part of his visits to Anji county, one of the largest bamboo growing, and manufacturing regions in China.  Anji is traditionally strong with the bamboo industry, inherited a rich bamboo culture and craftsmanship.  Here located the Bamboo museum where many bamboo species were planted and showcased.  There is also a national bamboo park called “da zhu hai”, meaning, the big bamboo sea in Anji, where you can visit the bamboo forest in its natural habitat.  

Mr. Ali Mchumo was accompanied by Fenghu’s General Manager, Mr. Andy Leung, a young overseas returnee turned entrepreneur/manager.  Andy explained in detail the production lines, new plans on strengthening the positioning of being an eco-friendly supplier, and the environmental impact of the factory. 

A few more words about Inbar and its current Director-General. 

Inbar is short for International Network for Bamboo and Rattan, it’s one of the most important international, “intergovernmental organizations for sustainable development using bamboo and Rattan.”.  It has 47 member states, headquartered in Beijing, China, regional offices in Cameroon, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, and India.  There are many resources on Inbar’s homepage to dig into if you are serious about bamboo manufacture, bamboo selling, becoming a member of the community.  For instance, online seminars, reports, books to read, industry news. Go visit, and equip yourself with bamboo related knowledge.

Mr. Ali Mchumo is Inbar’s fifth Director-General, onboarded since September 2019.  He is from Tanzania, with extensive experience in international organizations.  More info link:

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