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Our Favorite Tea Bamboo Products--Bamboo Tea Whisk

Our Favorite Tea Bamboo Products--Bamboo Tea Whisk

Issue Time:2020/12/08
Our Favorite Tea Bamboo Products--Bamboo Tea Whisk
Our favorite tea bamboo product is called, in Chinese, “cha xian”, aka, bamboo tea whisk.  

It showcases the beauty of bamboo material, with a solid handle made from bamboo branches, and tens to a hundred plus of tiny strips made into whisks to help you whisk your green tea powder, form a joyful foam, and meanwhile let out the fragrance.  

You can see it been used in a Japanese tea ceremony, and yes our most bought clients are from Japan.  But recently, we have seen an increase in orders from other countries, including China.  With green tea’s taste and benefit been accepted more worldwide, and the serving techniques revealed, more and more people would like to own this little piece of eco-friendly household product at home.  Green tea is elevated to another level at home.

There are several choices of bamboo tea whisks to choose from, it is categorized by how many whisks existed on it.  For instance, there are 50, 60, 80, and 100 whisks, and 100 whisk is the more intensive one, which will give the finished tea a thinner texture.

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