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6 Things You Need To Know About a Bamboo Steamer

6 Things You Need To Know About a Bamboo Steamer

Issue Time:2021/10/09
the specific method of bamboo steamer use and maintenance

A bamboo steamer is made of interlocking trays having perforated bottoms. You are supposed to place the whole steamer over a pot of simmering water, making steam rise through the layers and cooking the food. If you are using a bamboo steamer for the first time, or you are considering buying one, please read the following 6 details about bamboo steamer carefully.

1. It is an irreplaceable cooking utensil in your kitchen

If you like to cook at home and want the food you cook to retain its nutrition, flavor, and texture, then a bamboo steamer is perfect for you. As long as you know how to use it, you can really cook anything in a bamboo steamer.

2. Bamboo steamers are better than metal steamers

Many people don’t know whether to choose a bamboo steamer or a metal steamer. Metal containers are easy to overcook, which is not conducive to healthy cooking. In addition, these metal steamers usually leave an aftertaste, while bamboo steamers do not.

3. How to buy the right bamboo steamer

Investing in the right bamboo steamer is the key to making good food. Consider the following tips to make a good purchase:

(1) Buy a steamer made of the best quality bamboo. This ensures that the smell does not interact with your food and everyone can taste the real taste.

(2) Ideally, choose a bamboo steamer that does not contain BPA to ensure that there are no inferior materials in your steamer.

(3) Check the lid of the bamboo steamer. It must fit tightly to ensure that no steam escapes.

(4) Measure the size of the lid to make sure it fits the steaming basket.

(5) If you have a large family, you can buy a two-layer bamboo steamer to make more food.

(6) Make sure that the bamboo slats between the basket layers are wide to allow steam to pass through.

(7) There should not be any metal on this bamboo steamer. Otherwise, it may become hot and you may burn your hands when handling the pot.

4. How to use bamboo steamers

Here are the steps to use a bamboo steamer for the first time:

(1) First fill the steamer with some lining. Align the bottom of each layer with cabbage, lettuce leaves, or parchment paper. This is to prevent food from sticking to the basket. Add the food you want to cook in a single layer. Cover the top layer with a lid.

(2) Make sure that the steamer is tightly attached to the pot. Likewise, make sure that the bottom of the food is above the waterline and is not submerged.


(3) Fill the pot with 2 inches of water, and then simmer over the fire.

(4)When the water is boiling, put the bamboo steamer on the pot. Observe the water level. If the pot is dry, add water and continue to check the food.

5. Cook your favorite food in a bamboo steamer

Now that you understand the basics of how this steamer works, you can prepare to cook some of the most common dishes.

The steps of cooking rice in a bamboo steamer are simple:

(1) Wash the rice and soak it in water as usual.

(2) After preparing the cabbage leaf layer, drain the rice and place them evenly on the leaves.

(3) Set up a wok and add 3 cups of water (or any other water, depending on the amount of rice).

(4) When the water starts to boil, lower the flame and put the bamboo steamer into the water.

(5) It takes about 30 minutes to steam the rice.

The principle of steaming other food is similar to the above, and the operation is relatively simple.

6. Clean the bamboo steamer

Regularly cleaning the bamboo steamer can keep the inside of the steamer clean and prolong its service life.

Use a soft nylon brush and hot water to wipe off the remaining food. But be gentle, and be careful not to scrub hard.

Also, clean the steamer from the outside. If needed, you can add a little detergent. Rinse it and let it air dry.

If you want to introduce natural flavors to your food and want to provide healthy food for your family, then bamboo steamers are indeed a good investment. The bamboo steamer made by Bamboo make is made of natural materials and adopts exquisite craftsmanship, allowing users to use it with peace of mind. If you have a need for this, you can directly search for related products on our website or contact us directly.

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