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How to Use Bamboo Whisk?

How to Use Bamboo Whisk?

Issue Time:2021/04/12

The bamboo whisk is a kind of blender in kitchen utensils. Its main function is to adjust powdered tea. If you want to brew a cup of mellow tea, then we need to pay attention to its method of use.

What is a bamboo whisk

A bamboo whisk is a tea-making tool for ordering tea. It is made of finely cut bamboo blocks and is a brush for washing tea utensils. The bamboo whisk has become an essential tool after the recovery of the Southern Song Dynasty tea in modern times, and it is also an essential instrument in the Japanese tea ceremony. Then it is also a kind of bamboo kitchen utensils, which is mainly used for mixing powder tea.

The material of bamboo whisk

A bamboo whisk can be made of many different materials, but the most common material is made of fine are cut bamboo pieces. It has a fresh bamboo sweet taste, which can add to the fresh taste of the tea. But also because the bamboo has a certain flexibility, and compared with other mixing devices, the material is different from other mixing apparatus. Bamboo whisk has the advantage of an easier to clean. Moreover, bamboo products are an eco-friendly product, which also plays a great role in the ecological protection of the environment. 

Maybe many people worry about the safety of bamboo products, but bamboo material is always non-toxic and tasteless, heat insulation, corrosion-resistant, and not easy to deformation, which is a very good choice for your kitchenware.

The use of a bamboo whisk

The purpose of the bamboo whisk is to be used for mixing powder tea, the bamboo whisk is fast whisk on the tea bowl so that the tea soup appears a certain foam, the powder and tea soup fully perfect fusion, make a cup of more mellow fresh tea, is the biggest use of bamboo whisk.

The way to use a bamboo whisk 


Before bamboo whisk is used, we should clean it with water first, and then use hot water to hot it slightly, so that we can make the bamboo tea tape, more powerful in flexibility.


In the prepared tea bowl, add 1-2 tablespoons of matcha powder, and then add the boiling water of 70-80 degrees, hold the tea bowl with the left hand, and beat the powder tea in the tea soup with the tea whisk fully with the right hand, until the powder becomes fine and uniform, you can stop stirring.


After the use of the tea chasen, there is the most important step, that is, you can buy the tea chasen, the tea chasen after cleaning, in the tea chasen, keep the outline of the tea chasen as always, easy to drain the water in the tea chasen, keep dry, avoid mildew.

We need to pay attention to that the bamboo whisk should be cleaned first after use. Then gently move the shape of the bamboo wire outward with your fingers to avoid the bamboo wire gathering, which will affect the generation of matcha foam in the next use. Finally, let them dry.

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