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6 Popular Categories of Bamboo Utensils at Home

6 Popular Categories of Bamboo Utensils at Home

Issue Time:2020/12/19
6 Popular Categories of Bamboo Utensils at Home
One might think bamboo utensils are ubiquitous in Asian homes.  Yes, it used to be that way, but had been disrupted by modern materials like plastic, metal, and silicon.  In Japan, bamboo has seen a revival at homes, as a tasteful, functional good.  In China, the opportunities for reviving bamboo’s roles at home remain open and hopeful.  

We are listing here, six kinds of bamboo utensils that we think are big categories, and have always had a large market demand.

No. 1: bamboo steamers

This is one of the classic inventions. The bamboo steamer has a good amount of hollow spaces at the bottom to allow steam travel through.  The lid captures some of the steams, and breath out, so your food won’t be over moisture after done.  It also gives a hint of grassy fragrance throughout your cooking and lends a pleasant smell to the food, however faintly.  Bamboo steamers are also a great decorative piece, serving platter for your dining table.  There are many ways to make your own steamer line.  For instance, engrave your brand on it.  

No. 2: Bamboo basket

The bamboo basket has this subtle and natural texture that goes well with any food.  It is extraordinarily tasteful and usually very affordable.  Every home should have some bamboo baskets to decorate dining tables, to house different foods.

No 3: Bamboo Skewer 

Honestly, why do we still need metal skewers?  The bamboo skewer is made strong, with bending strength, and biodegradable after use.  For Barbeque, you can use long and thick bamboo skewers.  For platting, you can use skewers with many different lids, like a Christmas tree, stars, or sea series with cute fish and shells.  Fenghui manufactures high-quality skewers with any styles you desire, from child-like to sophistication.  

No 4: Bamboo Coasters

Bamboo coasters are so beautiful to bed your cups, glasses, cooking pots.  Fenghui has great equipment to make beautiful coasters. Bamboo branches, or strips, or plywood can all be made into coasters, the design directions are many.

No. 5: Lunchbox/Bento box

Oh, coming spring, summer, or autumn, why not place your well-cooked food into a beautiful bamboo lunch box, and take them out for a picnic.  

Bamboo absorbs moisture, which will help food maintain relatively dry.  To decorate your food, and also prevent oil stains from bamboo, you can place bamboo leaves, lotus flower leaves, banana leaves or silicon paper at the bottom of the bamboo box.  

No. 6: Bamboo box

Every home needs many assortment boxes, for kitchen, for tableware, for bathroom or wardrobe.  The famous Swedish furniture brand Ikea has a bamboo line of assortment boxes.  It is made neatly with bamboo plywood.  Dream up your own assortment line with bamboo, people will love it.

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